You’re Doing Great, I Know It

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Usually when one is taking out the trash, they don’t get compliments. However, during what started out as a normal life task became a teachable moment.

“You’re doing great, I know it”, was the sentence my tiny human shared with me as I began pulling the bag out of its container.

A simple sentence that made a mundane task a little more pleasant to endure. I mean, who really likes taking out the trash?

Yet, it’s a task that must be done in order to prevent a much more unpleasant experience from happening.

Much like life, there’s a good and bad side to most anything but especially when it comes to how well you can execute.

Throughout history there have been millions if not more that had a great idea but failed to execute.

The sure thing that the comfort zone provided turned out to be an illusion. Leaving them only with regret in the form of the question, “What if I had tried?”

Unfortunately, millions more will make this same mistake.

Hopefully none of those people will be you.

Life may not seem like a great thing right now but just keep pushing forward.

One step at a time. One moment at a time.

You’re doing great, I know it.

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