Accept Your Origin Story

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Do you accept you for who you are?

You’ll never have the perspective of where you’re going, if you never take the time to understand what you’ve survived so far.

It wasn’t until I was laid off from an ad agency on my birthday while going into my second year as a parent did this phrase make sense in a full clarity kind of way.

But here’s what else I learned:

You aren’t the title, you’re a person with a story to share, love to give, and value to pass on. Live as such.

It’ll be tempting to do otherwise but as long as you’re truly practicing self care and acknowledging why you carry the scars you do, things become easier to navigate.

You’ll still need to put in the work though.

Life is what you make it.

Sure there are things outside of your control but how you choose to respond is what speaks to your character.

Resilience isn’t built by sitting on the sidelines.

Life will demand everything you have and then some but it’s how you respond back within these moments that give you the strength to keep going.

Your Gut Knows What’s Up. Listen.

This should be pretty explanatory but just in case it isn’t, trust your instincts but be open to adventure.

Each experience simply builds upon the previous one based on the lesson we chose to take away.

It’s important to take note of this.

Every experience can yield a multitude of lessons that our brains store away for future reference.

Those “lessons” will be referenced in ways that can either prove to be a blessing or curse.

So train yourself to gather the right lessons.

Finally, surround yourself with people that’ll tell it like it is that have your best interest at heart.

Not everyone is a solid source of support.

Without these lessons, my transition into owning my own branding firm would have been a complete disaster.

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