Finite Time. Infinite Possibilities.

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Day 11 of 365.

Here’s the thing about life.

It has limited allotment to each of us yet is filled with an unlimited combination of possibilities.

You can’t wait around for your dreams to become a reality.

If that were the case, we’d all have massive wins under our belts.

To think that tomorrow or even the next minute is promised, is an errand fit for a fool.

Vigor in intention, a focus on the bigger picture, and gratitude are required to gain the most that we can out of life.

Humility adds the necessary flavor.

Leave procrastination and anything that doesn’t push you closer to the good the world needs to feel behind.

You may think you have nothing to offer or aren’t good enough.

You may feel as if your experiences and the things you’ve learned mean nothing comparatively to others.

You could never be more wrong.

This is just your ego talking because it fears your art.

It fears the good you can bring into this world.

It fears the positive change you can make not only for yourself but for those around you.

Stop being alive only in your dreams.

Stop holding yourself back from being great.

Get out of your own way and make that good happen.

And if you need help do not be afraid to ask.

You aren’t alone and never will be on this journey always upward.

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