Day 19 of 365.

Don’t hate. Appreciate.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I heard that little phrase as a kid.

Little did I realize it’s importance until much later in life.

There’s a reason why the journey is the way it is.

Without the trials and struggles of the journey, you’d never truly appreciate the destination.

Here’s the irony to all of this.

The journey in most cases is far more important than the destination.


Because we learn and grow far more during the journey than at the destination.

It literally is that simple.

Think about the last time you really had to put in the work for something, only to feel just a little disappointed when you finally got to the end.

That’s because the process is the product.

Without the experiences that add flavor and perspective to your life, you’d probably end up bored with things quite quickly.

Appreciate the journey towards that next level of greatness.

Appreciate each and every moment that you’ll spend working towards achieving your goals.

For there was once a time when you used to pray for where you are now.

The journey upwards isn’t for those that seek comfort.

It’s for those seeking the fresh air that can’t be found by playing it safe.

Those willing to be appreciative of the journey.

Will you be one of the few?