Day 7 of 365.

Many of us live holding on to the regrets of yesterday, instead of reaching for what is possible. Looking upon the success of others with envy, instead of with support. Simply because we aren’t comfortable with who we are.

We constantly picture how awesome our ideas would be if they were real but when it comes time for action, it’s as if you’re a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Shifting back and forth from dream to dream without ever truly accomplishing anything.

Honestly, this is a sad way to live.

True success is granted to those with integrity, honor, humility and loyalty to the cause of creating more good. Thus, their actions bleed with the passion they have for their goals. Instead of tearing the buildings of others down to make ours appear the biggest, let’s instead do things the right way and build our building up.

Get sick and tired of being sick and tired

In order to build a brand, business or even relationship that’s worthwhile, there comes a point where average just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Too often we trap ourselves into a complaint centered mindset. Where we view life as “the system is against me”, “I’ve been dealt the wrong cards”, or “I’m waiting on the right time”. So instead of putting in the work towards your goals, you drift towards being comfortable, playing it safe. Hoping that they’ll succeed eventually.

At what point do you get tired of living below your true potential? When do you get sick and tired of the routines that rob us of who you truly are? When do you get to the point where treating others with respect isn’t a matter of debate when the facts are presented?

You can talk about making the world a better place until you’re blue in the face. Until you actually execute on the words spoken, they will only be meaningless and wasted moments of time.

Leverage the edge. Stop looking at how scary things are and take that leap of faith. You’ll be glad you did.