Push Against The Resistance

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Day 20 of 365.

Let’s get really real.

The journey isn’t for those with weak work ethic.

It’s for those not willing to give up.

Those that refuse to stay down no matter how many times life knocks them down.

If you aren’t willing to keep pushing against the winds you’ll never take off.

You’ll never get the momentum you need to achieve those goals.

The resistance fears the good you can bring to the world.

So it feeds you little pieces of doubt, procrastination, and fear of leaving the comfort zone.

Before you know it, you’re binge watching motivational videos in pursuit of inspiration to get started.

When the reality is, you already have all that you need to get started.

You don’t need to get fancy and try to do everything everyone else is doing.

Focus on you.

Find the areas that you can provide value in and do so.

Seeking external validation is like filling a premium car with regular unleaded gas.

Your tank deserves better.

Your goals deserve better.

So do those around you that have been supporting you during the journey.

Pair your passion with dedication and determination and watch the results start to roll in.

People aren’t going to be motivated by what you desire or dream of being.

It’s when you show them that they begin to feel more inclined to help and engage.

Seek to prove the voice of the resistance wrong.

Show it that you have more than what’s necessary to win.

Replace obsolete or redundant thinking, attitudes and priorities with positive, progress driven ones instead.

If you avoid change you are keeping your life in stagnation.

Nothing good ever comes from that.

When we work to inspire, contribute, uplift, and make a difference in the lives of others we become relevant.

Things like resistance, ego, expectations, and fear live inside of you in the form of thoughts.

Thoughts eventually manifest themselves into actions.

You aren’t responsible for anything but you and your work.

It’s time to stare resistance down and let it know who is truly in charge.

It’s time to create the good the world needs to feel.

As entrepreneurs and creatives we tend to have a unique perspective on the world as something that can be shaped and changed for the better.

The extent of that change is only limited by the amount of potential we choose to develop.

What will you choose?

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