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Day 36 of 365.

There’s a mystery to what is often described as a flow state.

We can spend hours unpacking theories and online searches.

Yet there’s something even more special about creative flow.

It’s said to be insanely creative, one needs to find their flow.

But how?

How does one come so immersed into a state of optimal productivity with all the noise floating around.

The easy way is through collaboration.

In the simple act of connecting with others we find a new level of clarity around our goals.

The hard part is you have to cross the bridges of fear and building trust.

But once those bridges are complete and you begin to connect with like minded people, a certain level of creative energy is unleashed.

It’s almost as if you’re pulled into an alternate universe simply by being around each other.

The best part is when each perspective at the table is respective and loving with the next.

Essentially, it’s one part empathy, a few parts passion, and a hefty helping of alignment around a selfless sense of service.

It’s within that vortex brought about by the gathered creative minds that pathways to new ideas and relationships are formed.

But it doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s what happens when you show up and help out.

It’s also what happens when you learn to appreciate the journey.

The moment you step outside of your creative bubble is the moment you change the course of what’s now possible.

Within you bubble it’s hard to see the path or progress.

But when additional perspectives are applied you’re now able to transition through the lanes of life without as many blindspots.

Besides, if you want to go far, nurture and serve your tribe.


P.s If you’re looking for a tribe to call your own. One that will support you as you find your creative voice. Then join our humble little collective via the image below:

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