Beware of the Snake Oil Seller

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Day 18 of 365.

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of another week.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re minding your own business.

To say this week has been boring, would be a true disservice to life.

Beneath all the cool experiences, there has been something smacking away in the back of my mind.

Everyone is suddenly an expert these days.

It’s a weird world we live in.

Everyone is selling something.

Many try to sell glitter poised as gold.

They whisper about having the shortcut you need.

Babbling on and on with cheap tricks to get you sipping on the cult-aid.


You deserve better.

Anything that is worthwhile won’t come easy.

The snake oil seller knows this fact.

They also know that it’s within human nature to seek out anything that looks like a shortcut.

So they prey on your passion, your energy, and your possibility.

Weaving you in and out of funnel after funnel, promising you the key to all your dreams.

Extending the promise runway just a little more each and every time.

Until, you have nothing left to give their ever growing coffers.

Time is too valuable to keep giving it all away.

It’s too valuable to keep showing up for people who aren’t showing up for you.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

In fact, don’t try to do things all on your own.

Av0id the bubblegum advice.

It’s easier to stop chewing now than to keep chewing and end up hungry for true substance later.

There’s more value in gaining the experience than seeking the shortcut.

You’ll realize that when you pursue substance, there’s very little room for snacks.

Even less room to get caught up in the oily, slimy mess of the snake oil seller.

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