While putting the final touches on the third installation in the Zen Creative series, I had a brief reflection on the lessons I learned while putting together a Youtube channel.

I chose this topic because as an entrepreneur not every idea you have will be the one that you end up working on full time. There will be times where you’ll have to work a full-time job while building your idea. Success is the overnight result of years of hard work.

When I first started working on the idea of a branding firm, I knew I had to learn everything about my industry as I could, and because of those experiences I was able to put together a plan and work on it. My passion alone wouldn’t be enough to build anything of value.

Truth is, you don’t need anyone to give you permission to improve who you are. The choice for that is up to you.

So if you’re currently juggling a bunch of ideas, or spinning your wheels in the dirt over an idea you’re working on currently, this may be the video for you.
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