Routine vs Discipline

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Routine and discipline are often confused on the journey towards our goals. Routine is what we allow ourselves to fall into, discipline is what we dedicate ourselves to.

Routine is the comfort zone, the rationalizing of our current circumstances, and the false belief that this is somehow what fate has decided should be our current place. Discipline however, are the stairs we climb, the slouching we put aside, and the action we continuously do in private that gets us to our goals.

routine-vs-disciplineDiscipline keeps us focused in our own lane, improving ourselves upon each iteration. Allowing us to keep going even when things may not be as fun as we’d imagine them to be. Routine is what causes us to be distracted by the fads that come and go, the things others are doing, and makes us blind-sighted towards the things we could be doing to improve ourselves.

Success comes to those disciplined enough to have faith and put in the work.


You can have whatever you like

Choice is a powerful thing, in any given situation it can give us a plethora of options based on what may be available. Success like many things is a choice. Sure, there will be obstacles but would the end result be as joyful if there wasn’t a valley or two along the way to put things into perspective?

What we choose to be successful in determines or not we achieve that level of success. When it comes to achieving anything, success only comes from action. Sitting around and “believing” that our time will come is a waste of God given resources.


Opportunity only presents itself to those that are in active pursuit.

You can whatever you like, if you make the active choice and of course put in the necessary work.

Is it necessary?

Routine will have us to believe that what is currently being done is necessary to the cause, when in fact is isn’t. That it’s okay to put things off until the last minute, to watch another episode, or follow what everyone else appears to be doing. Until the moment comes when it’s too late to take action on what actually is necessary.


Reality is this, there are only a certain number of seasons left in your life. Success isn’t a straight line, things are going to get weird, experiences will be unpleasant and there will be times when things seem absolutely pointless.

Discipline allows us to ask if something is necessary with the power needed to move on to what is if it isn’t. The thing is, this power isn’t created overnight but is built up over the course of time. The more it’s exercised the more it grows in endurance and strength.

Get it done

Discipline knows that there is a time and place. There is a time to play, and a time for getting things done. The former is only truly enjoyable once the latter is complete.

Routine on the other hand pulls you into the comfort of procrastination. It let’s you think that there is time to get it done later, except there isn’t.


Your goals, dreams and daydreams will remain stuck in the void of your mind unless you get up and get it done. Just because you wish for something to happen doesn’t mean it will.

Discipline gets things done with consistency, regardless of it rains or snows. It guides us boldly along the staircase of faith. Helping us through the valleys so that we can appreciate the mountain tops.

Yesterday you said tomorrow, now it’s today. This is the result of cozying up to routine.

Discipline says, let’s get to work. Let’s get it done.

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