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..spend 30 minutes scrolling through social networks or mentoring the next generation.

..binge watch your favorite TV show or invest time in writing that book you’ve dreamed of writing.

..complain about a problem or be a part of the constructive solution.

Choices, choices, choices

The choices made today become the outcomes of tomorrow.

Success comes from doing not in the getting. In trying your hardest daily and in using one’s talents and abilities in service for others.

Spend less time trying to avoid problems and more time trying to solve them. Each obstacle we run away from is another opportunity miss to grow as individuals.

Choose to do it now or put it off till later.

How often have you said, I’ll do it later, except later becomes tomorrow which becomes never.

The books we dream of writing, the business we keep collecting ideas for but never act on, the trips we never take because we’re never not needed at work.

The list can go on and on of things we throw into the column of I’ll get to it one day.

Before you know it, time flies by and we find ourselves envying the success of others, neglecting to realize that the difference between us and them is that they dared to try.

Master yourself or try to master others

Leadership is a big deal. Many often think it has something to do with a title when in reality, it has more to do with character.

Those we influence are learning more from the things we do than the things we say.

Take time to find your creative center, the things you truly stand for, and what legacy you’d like to leave behind. When we focus on improving ourselves the experiences we have with others will improve as well.

Find your will to succeed and don’t give up until you reach that goal.

Grateful for where you are

To be content with who you are and what you have is one of the keys to success.

It doesn’t matter what the person in the next lane has, not does it matter if you don’t get as many likes or views as the next person does.

The more you compare yourself to others is the less time you have to spend on creating things of value.

It all comes down to the power of our choices.

If we choose to never work on our dreams then we can’t complain when someone else decides to work on theirs.

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