Where You Are vs Where You Want To Be

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The reason few can reach the level of success they seek is due to one simple thing.

That is, they are unable to understand that where they are is only temporary. Nothing lasts forever.

In other words, getting comfortable in one position thinking that it will last forever is a setup for what could be avoidable failure.

Do it big

Because nothing lasts forever, whatever you are currently employed in doing, do things big.

Set the standard for the right practices not by preaching them but living them. Without an example to reference it may simply by avoided due to appearing like a strong personal opinion.

Sure there will be the days when you may not be on top of your game but that isn’t ever an excuse to stay away from getting back on top of your game.

Getting knocked down is one part of doing things big, it’s an experience or side road on the journey upward that has a lot to teach, only if one is willing to learn.

Give in to the experience and push forward. Life viewed from the sidelines is only but an observation.


No one likes a backseat driver. Instead of complaining about a problem, focus on finding a solution instead.

Understanding the true value of each day may be hard to always keep in focus only because many have never tried to make this practice a habit.

Do it big in the little things so that when you’re doing big things, they’ll be even bigger.

Where you can be

You can be where you want to be.

Want to be an author, get up and do it. Want to be a musician, take a step towards it. Want to be an artist, make the first stroke.

Point is, we can all want to be somewhere other than where we are, but just wanting it isn’t enough.

Without intentional action towards creating a better life experience, sitting idle just won’t cut it.

Undermining others to appear bigger isn’t acceptable either. Instead of moving forward it only is a subset of actions that will hinder progress of everyone involved.

Do something today that will remove a regret from tomorrow.

Meaning, do something today that will get you a little closer to your goal, something that when you’re looking back, you can be glad you did it.

The choices you make today will influence and determine where you will be tomorrow.

Where you are may be comfortable but where you can be is even better.

What’s stopping you from getting to where you want to be?

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