Usually I’m not one to be in front of the camera. At least not until one faithful day in October of 2017.

As an introvert, I find it more comfortable to reside behind the lens and do the necessary work from there. There’s less stress. Who doesn’t like less stress?

Nonetheless, here I am on a pier in New Jersey, somewhat freezing and a whole lot of nervous. In hindsight, I really wish I had pushed myself more to get a haircut but we’ll save the chat about self-care for another day.

What ended up happening on that pier was an unexpected moment of clarity.

It was a moment where the ups and downs along the journey started to make sense.

Regret turned to forgiveness and a more positive outlook. Life suddenly didn’t become perfect instead the journey onward became more clear.

Why? Easy. I was essentially forced to own my story and experience.

I wasn’t aware of it until that moment and not until much later did I fully understand why.

That’s the beauty of the journey, you never quite realize how far you’ve traveled until you have to sit down and share that story thus far.

It sure has been a journey. One filled with lots of ups and downs.

But if you happen to be curious about what lead up to that unexpected moment of clarity, catch the video below!!

Hope it helps you with your journey of finding more clarity and if by chance it does provide some value, give it a share ????