Respect is Defined

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Day 58 of 365.

We’re lead early on to believe that respect is something that’s earned.

So we live our lives seeking external validation for what our why should be.

Essentially filling a premium car with unleaded gas.

But what if the reality is that respect isn’t earned but defined?

Meaning, we get the treatment we allow ourselves to receive.

If you allow others to define what and who you should be in order to be viewed as good enough, then you give up who you are just to fit in.

Independent thinking and living isn’t about being reckless.

It’s about understanding that it isn’t about being comfortable for the sake of being accepted.

If anything, it’s about being super uncomfortable as you blaze your own path based on wisdom and your own curiosity.

When pursuing excellence it’s extremely important to be clear on what you’re aiming for excellence within.

Otherwise there will be others that are more than ready to jump in and do it for you.

Which would defeat the point of you being the best version of you.

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