Let Them Underestimate You

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Day 59 of 365.

Even though we really aren’t supposed to, you and I make a lot of assumptions.

We assume people or things are certain way, only to find out it’s the complete opposite case.

When it comes to assumptions, there are a few ways in which it can become useful.

The one we’re going to focus on is when others underestimate you.

Reflect with me for a second. How does it make you feel when you find out that others underestimate what you’re capable of?

At first, not that great if you’re like me.

Especially after you’ve been putting in the work and paying the necessary dues.

But if you’re a true fighter, you know that if you put in the work and ignore the noise, your time WILL come.

It then becomes more a matter of when versus if.

That’s the power of being underestimated.

It’s the power of knowing that regardless of what others may assume, at the end of the day it’s just noise.

Instead of leaning into the natural inclination of seeking external validation, dig in and allow the clarity to build around your why.

You’re far more capable than you may ever realize.

So what if you aren’t currently picked for the roster.

Take the time to build your own instead.

Besides you probably don’t want the attention or friendship of people who fail to be of support in your journey to being the best version of you.

Growth will make you realize the importance and clarity that having a small circle brings.

Aka not everyone you meet has to be someone you eat with.

So take the time to choose your circle wisely. It’ll save you time later.

Valuing yourself based on the opinions of others is the fastest way to burning yourself out and wasting your potential.

Let them underestimate you while you stay focused on your own lane.

Never let someone get under your skin with their malarkey.

Your goals deserve better. YOU deserve better.

If you aren’t grateful for the process, you’ll never be satisfied with achieving the goal.

At the end of it all things comes down to this question.

Are you underestimating yourself?

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