Wielding Curiosity as a Creative

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Day 6 of 365.

Curiosity is the act of looking into things that are new to you. These things could be within your path of interest or even new to you altogether.

Curiosity requires the audacity to boldly move beyond the comfort zone, as well as the courage to keep digging. If you aren’t curious, then most likely you’re following the safe path, the one prescribed to you by someone else, soon enough you’ll find that your life has become stagnant.

But why do we need courage¬†in order to embrace curiosity? Well, it’s what comes after we’ve made our discoveries is what requires courage, because if after you’ve moved beyond the comfort zone you get scared and run back to where things are safe, no progress will ever be made.

To embrace curiosity is to embrace change, for one never remains the same after learning something new. Creative curiosity allows us to go from focusing on things of the past to discovering what is possible.

Understand Where You’ve Come From

Looking back at where we’ve come from usually isn’t viewed as a positive action, in most cases the past is used to keep one in enough fear that they won’t try something new.

When we change our perception of the past and instead seek to understand that the pains and heartbreaks weren’t there to hold us back but are there to empower us for greater things, we soon begin to see that the past is a strong asset that can help us arrive at where we want to be. There are tons of gems hidden throughout your past. They may be hidden behind the hurt, pain, and disappointments. They may require some digging to be found.

This process does take a little time but it’s always well spent. Knowing and owning who you are is an important part of being able to build a solid personal brand. It gives you the foundation you need to be able to connect and deliver practical value to those around you as time goes on.

Don’t be afraid of the past.¬†Use instead as a source of inspiration for the future. Just because something may have been a certain way doesn’t mean that it will continue to be that way.

When we each have the unique opportunity of creating more good in the world around us, we need to do so with everything we have so that the generations that follow us will have an even better foundation from which to build. The only way to do this is by owning your experience.

To do that, you have to know where you’ve come from.

Remove The Artificial Constraints

In order to chisel out your greatness. You can’t wait on someone else to carve it out of YOUR marble. Waiting on permission to do good is a waste of your time and talents. It’s literally like being given millions of dollars and instead of using it, you bury it in the ground.

Fall in love with the work and the process. The more it’s interesting, the more you probe deeper within the realms of your creativity, no amount of money, or fame, or fortune will ever change who you are or the good you can bring to the world.

Opportunity isn’t going to wait on you to be comfortable, to find the time, or even to find all the pieces before you act. It’ll simply move on to the next person willing to jump on the chance to do something more than average.

Chances are, if you’ve made it this far, you’re more than average. It’s time to seize the opportunities to create the good the world needs to feel.

It’s time to truly aim always upward.

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