Day 14 of 365.

If you wait around for the feeling of inspiration to appear, you’ve already lost.

It’s not about how you feel.

Nor is it about the right time.

It’s about getting out of your own way.

Feelings are constantly changing.

That’s why they are unreliable to base your work ethic on.

It only looks like overnight success because you were asleep while the successful toiled onward and upward.

Embrace the struggle.

Let it refine you.

Let it make you stronger.

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when you mind your own business.

When you’re focused on being better, you have less time to feel bitter.

The key to progress is getting constructive things done.

Remember that the journey is not a sprint but a marathon.

Chase your potential.

Focus on your core strengths.

Leave ego at the door.

You will survive.

Only if you keep aiming onward and upward.

For this moment in time is just a remix of one that has happened before.

This is your time.

So shine.

Shine as bright as you possibly can.

No more looking back.

You’re not headed that way.

Remember, you’re heading always upward.