Appreciate The Journey

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Day 13 of 365.

Life isn’t a sprint.

It never was to begin with.

We made it that way. YOU made it that way.

Life isn’t a marathon either.

It’s actually both. Weird huh?

Life requires us to move with purpose while requiring us to be patient.

Most people will forget the words you say.

Rarely do they forget how you made them feel.

Genuine relationships however take time.

The same goes for the success that you seek.

Nothing worthwhile happens overnight or is ever easy.

There was a time you prayed for where you are now.

Appreciate it.

Otherwise you’ll miss the opportunities you’re looking for because you’re too busy jumping all over the place, hoping that on the next jump, you’ll somehow make it to where you want to be.

Except it never ends up happening.

There’s power in staying focused.

Especially when you’re focused on creating more good.

Even more so when you stay curious along the way.

You’ll never be able to enjoy the destination if you don’t learn to appreciate the journey.

And the best part, you don’t need a tragedy or mishap for you to start!

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