The Underdog

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Day 35 of 365.

There’s a reason why we root for the underdog.

We love the feeling of seeing the come up.

The fight from the back all the way to the finish.

Yet when it comes to ourselves, we have a mountain of excuses why we can’t.

In our reality, the underdog is only a fantasy.

It’s funny how the momentum changes when we put the spotlight on your own goals.

Imagine if we took even a small portion of the excitement we give to the underdogs we watch and applied it to ourselves.

If we spent as much time following the stats of each player and instead focused it into doing just one thing.

It’s these moments in time when we choose to push outside of what feels comfortable that yield the best results.

The underdog doesn’t win because they practiced more, they win because they’re hungry for the win.

The reigning champion no matter how good often reaches a point where they feel success is an entitlement.

The hunger isn’t as intense.

For the underdog, the hunger couldn’t be any louder when it rumbles.

Giving them the necessary focus, determination, and intensity needed to win.

The underdog also comes prepared.

They know the importance of not only having knowledge but applying it.

The underdog thinks like a rookie but executes like a pro.

The underdog isn’t willing to fail because they’re already at the point of having nothing else left to lose.

Except their dignity and the promises they’ve made to those around them that they wouldn’t give up.

The underdog carries the weight of hope from the community.

Thus giving them the fuel they need to make things happen.

They don’t discount their past, instead they own it.

Each scar a reminder not of the pain but of the refinement that brought them to where they are now.

Be the underdog of your own game.

Bet on yourself for a change.

Own your experiences and share your story.

Be about that value life.

Show up and help out.

When things get rough, tie a rope and hold on.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

For the world is waiting on the good you have to share.

It’s waiting for the positive impact your story could have on someones life.

So what are you waiting for?

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