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Every so often, I tend to do a deep review of the previous month, quarter or year. I take a look at the goals I may have written down as well as the goals completed. It’s during this time I’ll either leave a little depressed or highly motivated for the new month and all the possibilities of what can be accomplished.

Now this may seem like a boring task to do, and on the surface you would be right, but as we dig deeper into why this task must be done in order to grow, we begin to see the underlying patterns that influence our personal development.

Recently, however, a few things jumped out at me as I journeyed towards understanding the scope of my creative power.

Learning to listen

We hear a lot if things, some may be rumors based on grains of sand while others may be vital to our development of not only ourselves, but also in our relationships and communities.

The thing is, although we hear a lot, we don’t listen very much in comparison. This is where we miss the keys needed to unlock the emotional doors that tend to hold us back.

Listening gives us unique insight into situations that may not always be immediately obvious. It can be the difference between failure and success on a project or goal and it can be the ace up your sleeve when it comes to forming a complete understanding of a concept.

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The habit of learning

Over half of adults in America never pick up another book to learn from after they leave high school. Although not quite surprising, it is a little sad once put into perspective.

Living a life where we only do what we comfortably know is one that usually leaves an individual at a very mediocre plateau in time. They end up dying long before they are buried and find that they never can reach the level of success they so desperately try to achieve.

Learning enriches one’s life in ways that go beyond average. It exposes us to new possibilities and extends what we are each capable of accomplishing.

Embracing Fear

Now this may seem like a strange thing to do and at times it may seem just downright impossible, but I assure you that it’s worth it.

Fear has been a fascination of mine ever since I was a kid. I can remember the days spent at my dad’s house and the fear I had of going into the deep end all because I thought there was a shark waiting, only to discover it was just an area on the bottom that needed a little repainting. Our biggest fears often turn out to be nothing at all, yet during that moment we stand frozen, holding ourselves back from accomplishing our true potential.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. – Abraham Lincoln

Having the will to continue despite any obstacle is the key to success but just having the will to succeed isn’t enough. The bigger the goal, the bigger fear will appear. How we handle it is important.

One way I’ve learned to embrace fear is by focusing everything on achieving results. See what I did there?

In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone. – Rollo May

We often fear solitude, yes even introverts can get lonely too. We have our days when it just feels overwhelming to get out of bed for fear of a situation we just don’t feel equipped to deal with, but as creatives we don’t get the option to call in sick. The world needs us, even if at times it feels as if they just don’t seem to understand what it is we do.

Regardless of what field you’re in, there is always something that will bring about an element of fear in your life, the key is to look past it and not get lost in the rabbit hole of uncertainty.

The power of love

In order to win a man to your cause, you must first reach his heart, the great high road to his reason. – Abraham Lincoln

Nowadays people tend to love things rather than people thinking that by filling their lives with stuff that they can cure the feeling of emptiness that claws away at their insides.

We’ve forgotten the importance of each other as human beings. In an attempt to quench our ignorance towards most things in life we classify and stereotype our way through the day. Which is probably why many of us have a hard time looking at ourselves in the mirror each day.

Love goes beyond a feeling of butterflies in one’s stomach, it reaches heights where the ego is let go, the pedestal is shattered and humility and a sense of servitude is then brought forth. It binds our souls together and allow us to fill in the color in a black and white photo. Giving us true depth into the view of a joy filled life.

Love heals and builds bridges beyond what any man can envision.

Value your friendships

It’s easy to think that someone will always be around until the moment comes when they aren’t. Life is a fragile little thing, and the older one gets is the harder it becomes to make new friends. At least friends that are trustworthy and reliable. Yet, it is within this group of people we find members of the “Underappreciated Society”.

The people we surround ourselves with can either uplift us or drag us down, sometimes it is necessary to clip to string that is holding your balloon from achieving the heights it was destined to, but towards those individuals that uplift us we should show a lot more appreciation for who they are and for the support they have given us.

True friends are a rare gem in today’s world, especially when everyone seems to be only looking out for themselves.

The Takeaway

In these few things, I’ve learned that creative power is something more than just how talented a person is. It extends into every avenue of one’s life and creates a well of inspiration and passion towards being a better individual.

All things become new when our perception changes. Looking at things from someone else’s point of view isn’t always easy, but a necessary task, for without this view selfishness and self-destruction await.

The choice is yours, what do you want to make new in your life?

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