It Will Be Okay

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We are our own worst critics. This is a saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before yet is one where the reality of its meaning isn’t fully thought upon. Usually when we hear it, it’s brushed off as something someone says to us in order to make us feel better. The thing we don’t realize is that sometimes the people who tell us this can see a perspective of our situation that we may be blinded to.

Not only are we are own worst critics, we are even worse when it comes to self-punishment. Blinded by how big of a failure we feel like, we don’t see just how far on our journey we have traveled. Thus throwing our emotional state into one where we are prone to things like stress, anxiety and a lack of compassion for others, simply because we’re too caught up in ourselves.

Whatever we may be going through, no matter how dark and lonely it may seem, it will be okay. Each day moment we get a new opportunity to make investments towards a better tomorrow.

It’s okay to be tough on yourself, but it is equally important that you also take care of yourself. Right now may not seem like the best moment of your life but it is preparing you for that moment.

Things won’t always go as planned, but it will be okay because the experiences you have on that journey are eternally priceless and are what make you unique.

So don’t give up, especially after making it thus far, for who knows what the next moment might bring? Just remember that it will be okay.

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