Keep Rising

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You have a choice in just about everything that you do.

It’s easier to reach for comfort than it is for growth.

Easier to play it safe than to take a risk.

But what happens when you reach the end of your life, and all you’ve been left holding is a bag of regrets?

What if you were to just get lost in the moment and rise above the noise?

What would happen if you allowed your focus to be on the goal as you go through the messy, mundane, and madness that often is life?

Would your fears still seem bigger than your dreams?

I’m guessing the answer would be no.

There are going to be days when all that you can do is facepalm at the state of things around you.

This mindset of everything has to be perfect before it launches is the killer of more dreams and organizations than anything else.

The whole point of life is to grow by learning…while being a decent human in the process.

So what if you fall down a few times on the way to your goals, keep rising.

Small steps made daily yield more progress than large steps made infrequently.

Train your mind to look above the noise and your steps will follow.

What will you choose today?

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