4 Ways to Beating the Procrastination Barrier

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Even the greatest of us all suffer from being caught in a struggle to define ones self in the sea of those around us. Sometimes we find ourselves asking the question of, why am I doing this? Or would anyone even care if I stopped trying? And often these questions can be nearly impossible to answer. A process that requires refocusing and challenging ourselves to keep pushing forward, and if the need arises pivot to something else.

If at the end of the day all that one does is act to seek the approval and acceptance of others, a moment of reflection and soul searching is well needed. While at the other end of the spectrum you find that the word I is gaining popularity in your speech, then its time to seek a more humble path. Regardless of the choice you make, the purpose of taking a moment to reflect on who you are and where you want to be can not be delayed or procrastinated. Time stands still for no one, it doesn’t care how rich or how poor you may be. We each get 24 hours to make a difference, hours that aren’t a guaranteed thing, but a gift that we take for granted and squander.

So how do we answer the questions that eat away at our very being? How do we finally break through and accept the reality that we have now turned pro? Let’s break it down.

Why am I doing what I’m currently doing?

When we question our intentions, a flurry of answers will present themselves, but as we filter through them, a pattern emerges, and the real reason becomes clear.

The problems we sometimes create arise from our fears that show us just how much alike, yet absolutely different we all can be. But within our similarities we often lash out and cower away because the burden is too much to bear. Yet in the clefts of asking the tough questions we find peace in knowing that although we can’t change others, we can always change ourselves.

We aren’t locked into being sad and lacking joy, but that the door marvelous possibilities is open and waiting for us to walk through.

Question yourself not only about where you are, but also on why you aren’t closer to where you want to be.

Learn to forgive

It can be hard to let things go when we’ve been done wrong. We thrive off of the negative in the world around us, in the news and in the gossip circles we latch on to every bad thing we can find. The instant gratification of era of life is upon us in full force.

To forgive is to go against the grain and to seek out patience in the midst of chaos. Forgiving isn’t about being weak, if anything it is the true test of strength and endurance that shapes us into more of the person we should be. People aren’t always going to realize when they’ve done something to hurt us, but we can always forgive and push forward to making things right.

When we learn to forgive we give up the pain and weight that holds us down and in the process we gain peace.

Above all, we all should learn to forgive ourselves. Holding on to the mistakes of the past will keep us in the past and never able to enjoy the present for the true gift that it is.

Write down your goals

The only way to know where we are going is to follow the guide to get there. Having your goals written down, using good old fashioned pen and paper commits them deeper into our entire being. As we cross things off the list we can make a stronger connection to where we will be.

Now let’s take things up a notch, put that list of goals front and center in a place where you can constantly see them, keep a copy on your desk and other areas you find yourself constantly looking.

No matter how hard you may get kicked down, you can always pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on to the finish line, but in order to do so, you have to know where the finish line is.

Stop holding back

What good does holding back in life do for you?

The more you hold back from going after your dreams is the more you’ll sit and pound your head on the wall about the situations you end up in now.

Once you let procrastination in, it is nearly impossible to get it to leave, unless you put your foot down and make things happen.

Life waits for no one. The reality is it is much better to make an effort and learn from the journey, than to daydream and wish things were better.

Once you accept the fact of becoming pro, there is no turning back or waiting on the sidelines.


If you need a little extra kick. Check out the video below.

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