Counting stars and Hopeful Wishing

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In the face of stupidity it can be hard to exercise patience, it can feel as if life in itself needs to be fixed and you’re the only one who can get it done. We push forward every day hoping and wishing on stars that today will be different, that common sense will make its way into the soul of our nemesis only to be disappointed and thrown back to feeling alone in our pursuit of excellence.

It can feel as if we’re fighting a losing battle while living what Einstein called insanity by going through the same experiences hoping that the result will be different. Perhaps we aren’t insane, perhaps the situation can be changed just not from the perspective we’ve been trying from. Sometimes the only way to make a difference to something is to change our response.

Our views heavily influence our response to the various situations we respond to, and at times our views can get a little cloudy. Dealing with someone that has a major ego?

It may be more than surface value, they may be still holding on to something from their childhood even if they are a few decades experience in there life and it may be up to you to assist them on the path of healing.

Life isn’t as complicated as we often make it, though not everything can be solved with a simple solution, but most of the problems we run into are created by our own doing.

We act first and think later while on a misguided quest to live in the moment, while overlooking the things that matter most. We forget that we are human and prone to making mistakes.

Forgiveness extends beyond being done wrong, it flows into every aspect of our day, especially when we’ve been hard on someone because we assumed they should know what you do, or because the understanding they have of the subject differs from yours because they’ve acquired a different realm of knowledge.

To forgive is to extend a banner of true understanding that each and every individual is uniquely talented and has a place in the grand scheme of things just like you do. It means that we forgive before the fact and apply that understanding even afterwards, being truly compassionate to the pains and fears of those around us.

This paradigm shift catapults us into a higher realm of thinking, it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference and standing for something more than ourselves.

It gives us the power to find healing and the chance to let go of the baggage that sometimes feels overwhelming, freeing us up to apply courage in loving others and ultimately being happier.

As great as this is, there is a word of warning. This path is tough and for each individual one that is unpaved and filled with some tough times. However the gems that you’ll find along the way will give you the strength to make it through some of life’s toughest times. It will take time, but you aren’t alone and your time is now.

The world needs your love and unique perspective. Your purpose is one of a great nature and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So what, you’ve fallen a couple times and cut your knee, when that cut heals and you look back at the scar that may remain, you’ll remember the details that made you stronger.

We spend a lot of time fearful of how others may react to us, especially when it comes to situations where there is preexisting tension. This over time becomes a hindrance to growth of organizations and society. To move forward the focus must be placed on the actual problem. If we allow hate to direct our actions we will forever be treading water.

Counting stars is the easy part, getting past the hopeful wishing and doing the work takes us getting into the mindset of turning pro.

As Aesop once said, “It is easy to be brave from afar”, thing is at this very moment we are no linger far away from the problems that we’ve procrastinated in dealing with. They’re staring us in the face and now is the time to practice forgiveness, of others but most of all of ourselves.

To go from fear to happiness, we must run the race that is set before us. Starting strong, staying strong and finishing strong.

Who knows what could happen if we delay any longer.

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