When We Dream

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Day 24 of 365.

If only we could catch our dreams in a bottle and observe them.

The things we’d learn just from watching our mental outtakes.

But given that we don’t yet exist in such a timeline, it’s better that we settle for the next best thing.

Dreaming and collaborating with others.

It’s super awesome when paired with humility and passion around a greater purpose.

There’s power to collaborating with others.

New insights can be gained.

New relationships can be forged.

And new possibilities will emerge.

Given that we have a limited time on this Earth, why waste it trying to do everything on your own?

Your weaknesses aren’t there to hold you back.

They’re there to push you to find those that compliment those weaknesses.

Collaborate and you’ll find more room to grow.
Compete and you’ll eventually get left in the street.

Stop saying I’m TRYING to become successful.

Start saying I’m TRAINING to become successful.

And what does someone that is training to become successful need?

A training team.

People to cheer them on.

People to guide and call them out to be better.

None of which can happen in a bubble or the comfort zone.

When you dream big and find those willing to join in on the journey, life begins to take on a whole new meaning.

But if you opt to stay in the comfort zone, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

Own your experiences.

Share them with the world and create good.

It’s time to do more than just dream big.

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