Day 25 of 365.

You can blame others or take responsibility for yourself.

One path leads to prosperity.

The other leads to a place that only gives sorrow.

It’s easy to play the victim.

But how often do your choices lead to your own demise?

We all have obstacles, disadvantages, and disappointments that happen in our lives.

It’s what we choose to do during and after that defines you and I.

Greatness can’t be achieved through shortcuts or name dropping.

It can only be achieved by consistently showing up and applying yourself.

Goals are just dreams in action.

That is if you’re intentionally taking the steps forward to meet them.

Otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time.

Hoping that someone will come along and give you the hookup.

It doesn’t make any sense claiming that you’re passion about something.

Then show up only when you feel like it.

That’s not how passion works.

Furthermore, that’s not how progress works either.

It’s on you to put in the work.

It’s on you to show up.

Even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Unlike the many resources and things you can get back, once time is gone, it’s gone.

No do overs.

This is why it’s key to keep doing you.

To keep focusing on being better.

To not allow yourself to get complacent.

That’s all on you.

The sooner you stop blaming others, the sooner you’ll find the clarity needed to move forward.

People suck sometimes.

Yet that doesn’t mean you should stop creating more good.

If anything, that simply means you should push yourself to create even more.

But, again…it’s on you.