Day 3 of 365.

If what is within us is greater than that which is before us. What exactly are we afraid of?

I often wonder about the differences between those that are great vs those that are simply average. Back in the naivety of my youth, I used to think those that were great possessed some sort of luck or advantage that I didn’t have. It wasn’t until my first startup job that made me begin to look at things a little differently.

At its sum, I realized that luck was nothing more than consistency in working hard and smart. Those who came out great were those who were able to put the obstacles before them into proper perspective.

There will be those days when it seems like everything is against you. Even if you have the best intentions at heart. It’s on those days that you have to double down even more on the focus you have towards your goals.

Greatness is much like a piece of marble. It’s not obvious what the final form will be until it’s chiseled out.

While we can talk about greatness all day, none of this matters if we don’t execute with everything we have. We only get one chance at this thing called life.

Why spend it wishing for a better tomorrow when we can start doing better today?