Creative Momentum

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Day 2 of 365.

When it comes to¬†creative momentum, it’s not about what you don’t have. It’s about that which you do have.

Make due with what you do.

Give more than you take.

Love more than you hate.

Creativity is more than just making things pretty. It’s about sharing a message, connecting with others, and expressing the values that help us all to grow. In order to keep the creative momentum going, you can’t ever stop. Sure, it’s okay to slow down but as a creative, the moment you stop, is the moment you begin to fade away.

Creativity begets more creativity. You can’t ever use it up. It will only get more intense as time goes on. Only if you use it.

Momentum doesn’t happen overnight but over the course of a given period. Trust the process and be patient. As they say, haste makes waste. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should procrastinate in the name of perfection.

Remember, done is ALWAYS better than perfect.

Give yourself the permission to live, to create good, and to shine your light. Learn to forgive yourself. Be empathetic towards yourself as you journey onward and upward.

The world owes you nothing yet you own it all to yourself.

There’s a reason you’ve made it this far. Why not see what happens if you keep going and aiming always upward?

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