Stop Running on Empty

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I want to give up. Yes, you read right, I personally want to give up. Being a creative isn’t an easy task. No matter how cool your creative friends make it seem to be, the part that’s even is many people feel the same way. It’s as if an epidemic is passing through, causing creatives everywhere to feel drained and wanting to just quit.

To clarify, this is far from a rant, but instead a behind the scenes view of what really goes on. Many think that design is easy, and that anyone with a computer and Photoshop can do it, and while in many cases attempts of such nature have happened, those of us who rise each day passionate about what we do get overlooked, and in many cases that is our fault. Because if as individuals we have such a powerful talent for making things better for our fellow man, why do we spend so much time majoring in the minor?

Finding Balance

Right about now it may seem fair to give up, to walk away from battling not only external factors, but yourself and the conflicting thoughts that make no sense. It may seem ad if life is only out to suck you dry. You feel drained and obsolete. I mean, what’s the point?

It can be tough to see the silver lining when life is draining the very energy you need to survive. Often we fall into the trap of giving everything of ourselves for situations that are meaningless, neglecting who we are and holding ourselves back from all that we can be.

In an odd way, we’ve been kicking ourselves down for no reason. Fearing the worst only to realize it was only but a figment of our imagination. Somewhere we fell asleep and missed out on the things that matter.

Frankly it is okay to take time out to recharge, if anything that should be mandatory.

If we are running on empty, what good do we have to give?

So getting back to point at hand, things can get tiring, and although the easy answer would be to take a vacation, that isn’t always possible, especially when you feel as if you must do it all for no one else will. This has become the crutch so many creatives rely on for support. In many cases, this is 100% the truth, and in others it is a matter of taking a moment out to recharge and come back stronger.

Truth is the world will do just fine if we take a break, things won’t fall apart and the world won’t end. Many of these thoughts are in our heads and usually never materialize.

So no matter how much I want to give up, I won’t. Regardless of if a person can’t get past my race or any other judgment they’ve come up with about who I am, I will continue to push forward in doing what I’m supposed to.

It is my duty as well as yours to give our very best, to work together in creating a better tomorrow. Things will get tough, but that’s life and it is fair because it isn’t fair.

We can either give up or give it our all. Now isn’t the time to be sitting on the fence.

Truth is, we can all make a difference, no matter where we are or what we have.

We just need to make the effort and try and apply our dedication to keep going even when the odds may not be in our favor.

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