A Glimpse into the Future

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Let’s take a quick glimpse into the future, we’ll only be there for a moment, and you’ll find that no special equipment is required. But before we begin, let’s stop and take a deep breath, exhaling while picturing our mind a time where things still look very similar to how they are now, even though a few decades have passed by, and as we travel down the highway of time we begin to see the results of our actions today.

We see what happened when we let our fear of helping our fellow man has manifested itself into a pit of darkness that could have been avoided had we simply smiled at that person that one time we were so angry about something, that now seems so trivial, as a matter of fact, we don’t even remember exactly what it even was.

We’re almost there, just over that horizon, the true results of our past actions. Families are now depicted by mannequins in a museum, social networks now are nothing but a virtual wasteland where companies churn out product after product aiming to make our lives easier, and in the midst of all this is a even deeper darkness because the stars have all been blocked out by our lack of care for the world that we’ve carelessly inhabited.

Look at what we’ve done.

Future looks a bit dark doesn’t it? That’s why I’m glad we are all here, right now. In this very moment, we can do a great deal in preventing a future like the one we just pictured.

With so many how’s, no one has an excuse to not do the very things they are good at, towards making a better world. If in the least way sharing a smile with someone in need.

It is so easy to get sucked into our day to lives, forgetting from whence we came and not giving the least bit of thought to where we happen to be headed.

How far do we think we’ll get by passing judgment on others without taking time to get to know them? Even after we know them what right do we have to be acting as a judge over others? Unless that happens to be your job in an official capacity. So why do we do it? What makes us so much better than anyone else?
Truth is, if money and status were all stripped away, we’d quickly find out just how much alike we all are.

We all need food, clean water and air to survive, not necessarily in that order, but you get the point.

The time we inhabit currently isn’t one to be squandered or taken lightly. It is a time when we have never been both so alive yet so dead. We live in a perpetual state of lukewarmness towards life and all that we have to be thankful for.

So what if people tell you that you can’t make a difference, but if you truly want to, you can and you will. Now isn’t the time to live in fear, but for the fear of not doing all you can possibly do to not be just another cog, but instead a beacon of hope to a world that is broken and hurting just like you.

The journey and the destination are equally important, if our gaze is always downwards, then nothing we see will ever be good.

Excellence doesn’t just stop at school, or a well-executed project. It continues deep into the very fabric of our lives.

We define ourselves within our actions. So let our actions aim always upwards.

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