Knowing your limits or Raising the bar

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Towards the end of each year, I often find myself reflecting on the months previously experienced, while, also taking a moment to be thankful for simply being alive. Each year follows a similar pattern, except for this one. This time around, simply giving thanks and moving forward into the new year just won’t be enough, and neither will be writing down resolutions and hoping that I’ll find the time to get them done.

In many ways, I’m actually quite disappointed in myself, especially this year. By now, you must be wondering what the point is behind all of this, and rightfully so, but no worries, we’ll get there shortly.

At the start of this year, as a result of overworking myself, I managed to end up in the hospital with a severe migraine that shut me down, and it’s been an uphill battle ever since. Mainly a struggle within my mental and emotional states, with a journey to try and understand why such an event would happen to me and a harsh realization that the lives we so often take for granted can be snatched away or even severely reduced in the blink of an eye.

This experience and realization empowered me to push forward, even though on the inside I was hurting deeply, I refused to give up, onwards to the finish line I would go.

Yet I still missed the point.

I failed to realize what was important. I failed to see that discovering and understanding this knowledge would be a waste if not shared with others, I failed to see those who were hurting, but most of all I failed to learn that I too have limits.

Limits are often viewed as a restraint, or as a “box”, yet it is within these confines do we find our greatest joys.

The joy of being blessed, which in turn allows us to let go of the stress of everyday life, ah, the power of gratefulness. Always rescuing us at just the right time.

It allows us to not only raise the bar but to also balance the very delicate nature of knowing our limits.

It is often a challenge to strike the right balance between raising the bar, not just for ourselves but for those around us, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Often when it feels as if we are alone, it just happens to be the time when battles are being fought on our behalf. Even in the moments when it feels as if the struggles we face are stronger than we are, there is someone like you pushing through. So why shouldn’t you?

We all are limited in some way, but that doesn’t mean that the fight is over.

Don’t let life pass you by simply because you’re scared, your talent regardless of if you’re a developer or cashier is valuable.

Knowing your limits is step one in raising the bar. Doing the work needed is step two, and the best part is, it’s never too late to start.

Find that which is important to you and never let go. The dreams you have now can become a reality with just a little perseverance.

Go out and find your limit, and then break it into pieces. Giving up is never an option.

Here’s to an amazing 2015!

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