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Aim to always do your best especially in the moments it seems like going with the flow and being mediocre is enough. Set the bar higher and crush it with everything you’ve got.

What happens when you’ve set the bar so high that you’ve started to scare yourself? How does one react when the unexpected happen—perhaps the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or maybe depression? Whatever the reason, the feeling of fear exists and can become dominant if we don’t keep it in check.

Life doesn’t give us time off. Many times I feel guilty to sit around and not work on something constructive. It really bugs me. As I continue to push forward in creating more good in the world around me, I find that one must practice the art of resting. Resting can be difficult for those of us who work as hard as we can just to survive, and at times, it may seem as if it isn’t enough to complete the task at hand.

This way of thinking doesn’t yield the best results. Soon we may find ourselves working so much that the only way our family and friends can even stay in touch is by Googling us. That’s some way to live. The interesting part of this entire equation is that it affects us all. It doesn’t matter what race we are. It doesn’t care what gender we are. It most certainly doesn’t care about what we may have achieved.

It strikes without warning. We find ourselves looking back on the way things used to be. This leads to wasting our time chasing things of the past. Yet, onward a journey lies before us that is unlike any we’ve ever seen. This journey has possibilities that would overwhelm us if we ever were to see the big picture all at once.

This feeling isn’t useless. As the layers are peeled back, we will begin to discover that this pain is the energy we need to break through. What once seemed pointless now begins to take on a new light. We must begin to find inspiration and motivation from the most unlikely of experiences.

Life is exactly like a garden of roses. Each piece of beauty has a side which brings about pain—all with the purpose of allowing us to be grateful for all that we do have. When we end up achieving our own personal successes, not only will we have a solid foundation, but others will be inspired to do great things too.

We only get one chance at life. If our aim is always upward, then once chance is all we truly need.

It doesn’t matter if there is one day left within the year or three-hundred and sixty-four; what truly matters is how well we make use of that time. Giving up now isn’t an option, especially since we’ve come this far. Turn your someday into today, and resist putting off things until tomorrow that you can do today.

You may not be able to bring about global peace, but within your world you can make a difference.

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