Growth Isn’t Supposed to be Easy

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Day 43 of 365.

Moving pieces are everywhere.

Some organized. Some not.

Growth isn’t easy.

But nothing worthwhile ever is.

Because if it were easy, would you still enjoy the end result?

But what about the moments you stumble and get a few cuts. Those are the moments we’re never quite prepared for.

This is where having a strong support system will help you to keep things in the proper perspective.

Remember, it’s never really about quantity.

Yet it’s always about quality.

Followed by consistency.

Not just in showing up but also in how you show up when you do.

It’s about remembering where you’re coming from but not staying stuck in the thought of the past.

It’s about trusting the process and failing often.

Most importantly it’s about showing up and helping out. Genuinely.

Those on the outside will only see the tip of the iceberg.

That’s where they make their chess move calculations.

Remember, what you’re doing is inner work.

The deep, below the surface work.

Above all, it’s important to keep in mind that no one can really and truly replicate who you are.

On the flip side, aim to be more of an original than a reenactment.

Whatever you choose to do, focus on what you can do.

Growth was never meant to be easy but that doesn’t mean it should be chaotic either.

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