Daring Greatly

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Day 44 of 365.

It’s scary to think about the future and rightfully so.

What if that isn’t the point and we’ve been pursuing success the wrong way?

Even scarier to think about.

As a society would a unanimous mindset change even be possible?

Most likely no.

But this is where things get better.

Despite the global conscientious being fixated towards riches and things as a statement of success, there will be a few that dare to think differently.

These brave few are the ones willing to fail early and often.

Because they know that the lessons learned are worth far more than anything the comfort zone and hamster wheel of life will ever be able to offer.

Brené Brown covers the topic thoroughly in her book that this entry is titled after.

She states that it’s within how we handle shame, whether past or present that plays a part in determining how truly vulnerable we are.

More importantly, how much we dare to live outside the box when it comes to setting and achieving goals throughout our lifetimes.

Essentially, where we draw the line with ourselves when it comes to being either the victim or victor.

Specifically, do we believe that we can be the victor.

This is the point where I ask, do you believe that you can be great but we’re going to skip that and get to the good stuff.

You’re already aiming to be great, but just how great and why?

Think on this for a minute.

It’s easy to throw out a few goals but if you aren’t specific in what you’re seeking to achieve and being intentional in the process, you’ll find yourself venturing all over the place.

The key is to be focused in your curiosity and intentional in how you move towards your goals.

Because at the end of the day, it comes down to one simple question.

Are you going to use the talents you’ve been given to create good or not?

Daring greatly is more than jotting down a few ideas and hoping they’ll happen.

It’s about aiming to live out that belief on every possible level.

Essentially, it’s about aiming always upward.

So will you?

P.s If you do and you’d like some support on that journey. Check out the Always Upward Collective!

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