Change is Subtle

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Day 28 of 365.

To create the good the world needs to feel, you must realize that there is a purpose to why you’re here.

It’s not to compete but to collaborate.

It’s not to hate but instead to love.

It’s not to live in fear but to boldly live fully.

It’s way too early in the journey to be giving up.

Equally, you’re too far in to think about quitting.

So why not see things through?

Stop thinking that change is some huge fundamental shift.

Sure, it’ll happen from time to time.

Usually, it’s the exception.

It’s the subtle shift in direction that when followed with consistency in action, yields results.

The little things compound over time.

Don’t be in the majority that’s seeking to blend in and be comfortable.

We’re all running towards our goals at a different pace.

No need to be in a rush just because it seems someone else is moving faster.

Experience sometimes imparts upon us scars based on the bridges we choose to build, burn, or maintain.

The key is to know which ones should be burned.

Which ones should be built.

And which ones should be maintained.

The majority will choose comfort over character.

Which is why the majority often lives a very basic and unfulfilled life.

Aka personal hell.

It’s time to stop holding back.

Acknowledge it’s your life.

Your vibes.

Your choices that in the end will define.

Show up.

Lean in.

Help out with what you can, wherever you are.

Create that good.

Share your story, your art, and your love with the world.

Aim always upward.

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