Bust a 180

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I’m always amused by the people who say you need to make a 360 change.

So for me as I chuckle and think to myself, “but don’t you mean a 180?”

Why would anyone want to turn around only to arrive back at the same place they started?

True change happens when you stop going down the path that yields average.

The one you’re unhappy with, that when you really think about it, you realize just what your brand values happen to be.

For life is an exploration.

Business is where the passion of that exploration and the value it brings to others meets to provide sustainability and growth.

If your brand, initiative, or organization isn’t living up to those brand values that were drafted up, the consumer often knows.

Worse if you’re ignoring what truly drives people to buy your product because you’re so focused on what you want to do.

Take a moment to examine how fancy you’re trying to be in comparison to the simple solution the consumer or community is trying to receive.

It may be time to get back to the basics.

Give yourself and your ideas a chance.

Take the brakes off of your ambitions.

The more problems you solve, the deeper the relationship grows, the more your brand values align in the hearts of those seeking it.

Try to be fancy and well, consumers get antsy.

It’s time to bust a 180 and remember why you started.

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