Day 63 of 365.

Oh how often do we get the two confused.

Thus leading ourselves down a path of never truly commiting to a set path.


Because we’re distracted by each new shiny object that promises us to be the thing we think we need.

What you don’t see in the equation is how much farther along you’d be if you aimed more for what you need over the temporary wants.

This is where even the smartest amongst us stumble.

You see life is essentially one big test.

Not on what you have or accomplish but on what you do with the unique gifts you’ve been given.

Sure it’s fun to go with the flow and always be in the know.

But what happens when you do you for a change?

Imagine just how much better you’d get at your passion if you just focused on doing the work over sitting around dreaming.

When you realize that the journey is about growth and not being comfortable, you begin to challenge yourself to live towards a higher purpose.

One that isn’t about being a part of a specific religion, race, country, or even gender.

So check your mindset.

It’s easy to get lost in the semantics and miss the point.

At the end of the day, remember that you are you.

Above all, what you need to grow isn’t the same thing as what you want to feel comfortable.