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The last challenge although one can be quite detrimental, is actually more of a blessing than anything else. As designers, most of us set out to solve a problem or help people, often times both. With the rapid changes in technology, new practices to keep up on and the whole host of everything else we’re plagued with, the one thing that can be taken from this and applied to our day to day lives is, we should be helping people achieve their goals.

Once this mind frame is adopted, picking out the right technologies to learn and utilize becomes a breeze, sure someone can build their own website, using one of the many DIY website solutions, or buy a theme, however their overall goal may get lost in the shuffle when they get weighed down with having to manage and market the site. This is where we come in. This is where we can make an impact and difference. By utilizing our skills and abilities, we take this burden off of their shoulders, thus allowing them to better focus on developing a better business product or brand.

The next time we work on something, how about we ask ourselves how long in the future do we wish for it to exist. It will change the way we view our work and how we work on the things that we do. Sometimes even what we work on. – Tuhin Kumar

We should be a solution, not another problem.

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