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When everything is said and done, you and I are the lucky ones.

At the start of our lives, we have nothing but the skin on our backs and we undergo one of the biggest most frightening experiences of our lives, quickly going from a place of safety and warmth right into a world full of chaos, envy, greed and a lack of humility, all concepts we have no initial idea about, for to us within those early moments we find ourselves naturally content with that which we have. We have no need for extravagance or a fancy lifestyle.

As I’ve watched the marvelous process of the creation of new life, I began to wonder where things go wrong, for if we are born pure, then why do we act so cursed?

Each and every day we find ourselves at the crossroads of many different choices, all of which carry both short and long term results. One by one they add up and show those around us just who it is we are, and for some of us many of these choices manifest themselves towards traits of selfishness, lack of ambition and an overall lack of purpose and direction. Yet we charge blindly forward without the least bit of concern for those around us who may be hurting and are hiding it deep down inside.

It is within this moment we fail as individuals. We fail to fulfill our purpose when we neglect to help those who need to find the hope and strength within their lives. Truth is we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the many people who were passionate about keeping us alive when we couldn’t do so for ourselves, and the many more that through their own unique actions have inspired and motivated us to do and be more than just average.

But we lack gratefulness and drive. We think that by acquiring things that we are making great accomplishments, when at night our souls still yearn for something more.

It’s high time to break this train of thought and embrace the fullness of life that comes from living for our fellow man. To raise the bar and let our actions inspire others to break through their dark and foggy skies. [Tweet “It’s time to aim always upwards, but not forgetting to pull someone else up.”]

None of the things we acquire can be taken with us when it’s all said and done. No one is going to remember you because of what you acquired, but instead on how you lived.

[Tweet “If you want to make a difference in the world, you have got to be different than the world.”]

Each and every day we have to make the conscious effort to be better and do better. We must find the strength within ourselves to stand up and create more good. Not just for ourselves, but for the generations to follow, for what happens next is usually based on the examples set.

[Tweet “Hate begets hate, and love begets love.”]

The best part is that it doesn’t even take much of an effort, it just requires our willingness to try. Life is way too precious and short to not live it fully, and in a way that inspires true change and growth.

So the next time you think it’s hard to make a difference, think about just how much we easily take for granted.

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