The Pivotal Point

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So, here we are, less than 100 days from now marks a very pivotal point in history.

You see, it’ll be 2020 next year.

Up until this point, we’ve really only scratched the surface of the 21st century.

It’s been a wild ride since Y2K, the year 2000 and all of the joys that came after that.

However, there’s one thing missing.

We really haven’t looked at just how important it is.

Within this new age of work, the new age of education, the new age of family, friends and relationships.

We haven’t taken the moment to see just how important our lovable core is.

Up until now, we’ve really only approached work, life, dreams and goals, with a very general and often naive point of view.

We try to put each of these segments into their own container and we become a different person to meet the needs of each and every one.

Ultimately, we become the type of person that grows to become unfamiliar with oneself.

This unfamiliar feeling and perspective then grows into almost a mold of parasitic proportions.

One that goes on to destroy our family, our goals and mentally who we are.

Understanding your lovable core simply means this.

It means that you understand where your values, your priorities, your skills, and above all, who you are as an individual, and not who you are, as a job title.

The most powerful and courageous way to live in this world isn’t to sit on the sidelines and observe or to wish and hope that something grand and magical will happen.

No, instead it’s to go and live boldly.

To embrace each and every perspective, each and every new level that facilitates growth, that produces empathy and that showcases that you are more than just a cog in the machine.

That is the true power of being aligned with an activated lovable core.

So as you embark into the future regardless of what point in the year or a day or time in the life that you are, remember this; It only matters where you are going and how you’re getting there.

Because where you are right now is only one small piece of the grand story that is your life.

The choices, the people we surround ourselves with and our energy that is brought into each and every day is all that truly matters.

Someone will always be smarter, stronger, faster, richer.

There will always be problems that you cannot control or solve or prevent.

But that doesn’t mean that who you are, is diluted in the process.

So, I hope that you take each and every moment especially the moments when anxiety pops up and tries to paralyze you from moving forward.

I hope that you take these moments to lean in and say “I am going to continue aiming always upward.”

You never know who you’re inspiring just by showing up and you’ll never know the difference you’ll make if you never try.

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