Plot Twists and Staying Focused

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If there has been any thing I’ve learned recently is this; life is full of plot twists.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what status in life you may have either.

To know and not know is one of the greatest and scariest tight ropes to have to walk in life.

Each level of life unlocks bits of knowledge and awareness that may have been too cloudy to see previously.

Then they are the plot twists.

The events that can either motivate or paralyze even the best amongst us.

It’s during the plot twists that your focus tends to shift to what’s before you.

After awhile this replaces the bigger picture and goals that you have been striving for.

This is why it’s key to document the process and review your progress daily.

Additionally it’s even more important to feed your mind and space with quality over quantity.

During the times when the plot twists threaten to detail you from achieving the bigger picture, who you roll with matters.

Meaning, those that you surround yourself with will either help you get back on track or shove you even father from it.

Above all, to respect yourself on all the levels.

Each twist and turn on the journey of life is essentially a test and lesson combined.

It’s up to you and I to navigate them to the best of our ability while helping others to do the same.

Because as quickly as you rise is as quickly you can fall.

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