Day 33 of 365.

Nurturing a tribe is more than just collecting people and saying this is your crew.

It’s about taking the time to listen and help.

When you provide value from a place of authenticity, people will know.

They’ll also know when you’re not being completely authentic as well.

You can play the game that your social media fave seems to be winning at.

But when the algorithms change, chances are they’re the ones freaking out.


Because they didn’t take the time to nurture their tribe.

Because at the end of the day, the probably don’t really care.

Only doing things for show.

This is why it’s so important for you to create the good the world needs to feel.

Otherwise, evil will only keep increasing it’s stronghold.

Dig deep and find your true why.

The reason you get out of bed daily.

The thing that sets your soul on fire.

Run in your own lane and just be.

Stop worrying about who is watching, or how many likes you get.

In the end that doesn’t matter at all.

What does, is how you make people feel.

So nurture those who support you and keep creating that good.

The world could never need it more than this very moment.