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It’s the middle of the week again, a dreaded reminder each week that the week isn’t over yet. A day filled with horrible hump day quotes and pictures. So why not approach Wednesdays as a day to reflect and highlight the good that is around us. So day off comes the wrapper on Inspired Good, a weekly column on the good things of life.

The goal for Inspired Good is to inspire and rejuvenate you to make it through the rest of the week, and to hopefully inspire you to do some Inspired Good to those around you.


7 Reasons Why You Should Pay a Compliment to Someone Every Day

Instead of feeling cranky or bummed out, take a moment to look outside the walls of complaining. Try being nice instead. Spark a moment of happiness in a complete strangers life. You’ll be glad you did. The guys over at Lifehack have put together an amazing article on 7 ways in which complimenting someone else can brighten your mood.

Classical Flashmob

Classical music works wonders. Often during my workday, I find a nice classical playlist helps me go through mountains of code while being a front-end developer. So it was a huge uplifting moment when I stumbled along this video. Although I will admit, I was a bit jealous of the people experiencing such an awesome moment.

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