Give Yourself Permission To Be

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You may have been lead to believe that in order to succeed approval is needed from everyone around you, when the reality is you need to give yourself permission to be.

You aren’t here to justify anyone else’s existence.

The quicker you realize that you’ve been blessed with a unique set of gifts and talents is the sooner you’ll begin to walk the path you’re destined to travel. Allowing yourself to get caught up in every little emotion that floats by is the quickest way to put yourself on the sidelines of your own story.

We all have different dreams, goals, desires and your version of success will be a different experience than everyone else’s. So why spend time trying to scan someone else’s playbook for your own story?

Give yourself the permission and room to simply be, to exist and bring your unique set of gifts to the table. To be more more than just a second rate version of someone else.

Let the past be.

We spend much of our time trying to “let the past go”, when in reality we should just let the past be where it is.

As the old saying goes, “let sleeping dogs lie”. Meaning, don’t go around constantly digging things up from the past, instead understand the lesson it teaches you, change what you can in the present and keep it moving.

You can’t fix the disappointment of family, friends or people you thought were trustworthy and neither should you try. When time reveals the ending score, it will be them missing out on greatness and not you.

The time spent on trying to fix what can’t and shouldn’t is time you end up robbing yourself of joy, peace and flavor that your life brings to this world.

Raise your standards.

Remember the last time you experienced poor service at a store or restaurant that you visited? Did it make you feel inclined to go back?

Chances are your answer is no. The chances grow even higher that your next move is to find an even better experience to replace what the bad experience took.

The moment you intentionally decide to apply this same reaction to other areas, you’ll begin to see an almost immediate rise in the quality of your life.

When you stop depending on others to set the standard by which you live and demand excellence in the execution of your goals, how you think of yourself and how you present that to others, you’ll find that a new path upward tends to emerge.

New opportunities will open and many problems will seem to solve themselves. Only if you allow yourself to be intentionally available to experience them.

The struggle may be real but it doesn’t last forever. You can’t embrace your blessings if you’re focused on accommodating the baggage of your past.

Don’t let another day go by without giving yourself permission to just be you. Waiting until things are just right will leave you waiting forever. Life isn’t about sitting on the sidelines but actively being a part of those who seek out and share things that are noble, loving, honest and bring good report.

The more we focus on improving our mindsets we’ll begin to notice that the output of our actions will also increase.

Raise your standards and watch the quality of your life go up. Raising your standards isn’t about being judgmental, it’s about intentionally creating more good in every corner of your life.

Life has an odd way of guiding you towards greatness but it’s often failed to be seen because we’re focused on what brings us comfort.

Be the love and hope you wish to see.

Celebrate the things that make us alike equally as much as you celebrate the things that make you unique.

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness. – Ola Joseph

You get the love you give to the world. It’s to love others especially when they don’t make it easy. This doesn’t mean we support everything they do it simply means regardless of their gender, race or religious beliefs we treat others as we would want to be treated.

We’re all here because of someone else’s sacrifice. Greatness comes from the small seeds we plant and water not the grand acts we put on display. The little things like just taking the time to help someone else can have a bigger impact than is often realized.

How you treat others tends to be a reflection of how you feel inside. Creating more good isn’t something you have to wait until you’re rich to do because by then it may be too late. Start small but be consistent.

Understand there is a difference between great things and big things. If all you focus on are the problems then all your experiences will seem like obstacles.

All it takes is one choice to create more good. Will you make that choice today?

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