Filling the Gaps with Creativity

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If you see a constructive way to fill a gap, do it.

You can either be a gap filler or creator.

Both serve a purpose, yet only one leaves an empty feeling.

How you fill the gap doesn’t have to be fancy either, often the simple solutions are the elegant ones.

Because there’s a chance that someone is waiting for the good you’ve been over-perfecting.

Abandon all the reasons it won’t work and hold on that little sliver of belief that it will work.

Starting small but thinking big is a superpower.

Stop waiting for perfect conditions, let it be.

The sooner you realize that, the quicker you’ll get to being able to do the fun stuff.

Spend less time being concerned with how other people spend their time.

Obsess over how you’re spending yours.

It’s really just as simple as showing up and helping out.

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