Day 60 of 365.

Imagine not having to worry about bills, drama, racism, sexism, or any of life’s negatives.

Wouldn’t that be a great day?

Unfortunately that isn’t the world we live in.

The reality is there is everything to lose when it comes to stress, anxiety, and feeling not enough.

In short, the way to that is through forgiveness.

Forgiveness of self, the past, others, and even those who spread negativity.

It won’t be easy either but think about this, does all of that really lend itself to getting you to your goals?

We spend so much time focused on the past, what could have been, and even what should be without realizing that it’s draining our energy and lowering our effectiveness to create good.

In the process we lose our humanity chasing false hopes that we’ll gain some sort of status or wealth that’ll solve all of our problems.

Only to hit the wall of disappointment and despair each time life knocks us off our “game”, without realizing that what truly matters is who we consistently are.

That’s where forgiveness comes in.

When we’re able to let go of everything that isn’t going to uplift, inspire, and help us grow, we gain the necessary clarity and momentum to move forward and upward.

Like most things, it’s a choice to either carry unnecessary burdens or lose them all and immerse yourself in your creative awesome.

Which will it be?