EP. 2 – The Longest Yarde w/ Rhyming Book Reviewer Tony Moze

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After the momentum of the first episode despite the technical difficulties I was ready to jump into the next one. Up until a couple days before this interview, I wasn’t even sure who the next guest should be. While I did have one lined up, nothing materialized. So here I was feeling as if I’d fail before I even got the momentum going.

Then as if something whispered in my ear, I remembered an amazing individual helping to improve literacy. I had the honor of meeting and get to know Tony Moze over the past several months. His story shows that despite adversity you still have the choice on where the next part of your story goes.

Today’s Guest is Tony Moze, THE Rhyming Book Reviewer of New York Times, Amazon.com, and International Bestselling books. Tony’s passion for books started to manifest around the age of 9 but his journey to being a Rhyming Book Reviewer was anything but pre-written.

Check out Tony’s interview below and share it with a friend!

Learn more and connect with Tony:


Leveling up and getting things across the finish line isn’t easy. When it comes to most projects, the last 10% is often the toughest to get through.

The Longest Yarde is all about getting things across the finish line and leveling up without losing yourself in the process.

Tune in weekly as we chat with creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life that have had to battle the last 10% of an idea to make it a reality.

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