Do You Believe in Your Dreams?

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The past few weeks have been challenging, eye-opening and extremely motivating. In this midst of reflecting and a little excellent banter with a close friend of mine, there was one question that really stood out.

How badly do you really want to achieve your dreams?

Lets really think about this for a moment. How often do we think about how nice things would be if we achieved that one thing we’ve been dreaming about for so long? How often do you find yourself watching the clock until you can work on what really motivates you?

Or maybe the situation is one where you are working on your dreams but the passion you once had just isn’t there anymore. Life has run you through the mill and now you don’t feel as strong as you once did.

Regardless of where we may be on our journey in building personal and business brands that make a difference both to those on the outside as well as those on the inside, one thing is a fact right now.

You’ve come this far, why give up now?

So what you may not be the richest person or have everything figured out. None of that matters. No one has it all figured out except God of course and frankly it isn’t our job to figure everything out because we simply can’t handle the amount of responsibility that places on our shoulders.

Sometimes we will stumble but that doesn’t mean it’s the end or that we have to crumble and give in to mediocrity.

As long as there is a will, there is a way.

Imagine you gave up and near the end of your life, you were tasked with sharing your experiences with the generations following on a public stage.

Would you be able to proudly look back and say you used the gifts and talents you were given at the start well? Or would you be filled with regrets on all that you could have done?

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