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Yes, you read correctly. A designer saying that design has no value. Having a custom website with all the bells and whistles really won’t do you much good, fancy brochures won’t get you there either, and neither will a logo that use white space and is instantly jaw dropping. Not one of these things will instantly bring everyone to your location, or website causing you to wake up a sudden millionaire.

Design For Good by David Yarde

So what is so good about design? Simply it’s a catalyst, it brings together ideas and creative solutions that should be executed upon. That opens up our minds, connects a product to emotion but best of all it’s done by people and not purely machine.  Within the center of us all being creative is at our core. It’s how we solve problems, have relationships but overall it allows us to live.

Well if design has no value, what’s is its true purpose? The purpose is simple, to create value, if we look back to the very start of our lives we can realize that each and every one of us are trained to pick out what looks best, what appeals to our senses, the things that catch our eye, or things that may look different. With this in mind, we can realize that design is at the very root of this. Hardwired into our very being. However design is only truly able to posses value when connected with other industries and areas of life to allow us to express communicate with those around us.

When working with the creatives around us, we must learn that we too are a creative.

The takeaway:

  • Design has no value on its own.
  • When used to creatively create solutions and drive sustainability, design has value.
  • Creatives are in every field, work together with the talented members of other fields.

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