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Life only gives us a limited amount of opportunities from start to end. We can dream, plan and talk about all the great ideas we have but if we never act on any of them, all we’ve truly accomplished is time wasted that can never be relived.

We live with a common misconception that a person needs to be rich, famous or have a lot of time in order to accomplish something great. Honestly, it’s a tragedy that many think success only comes from wealth or fame.

The time we spend chasing after the latest gossip, fashion or technology could be spent chasing our goals or creating more good.

Gone are the days when one can do the least and expect to get the most.

Pursuing a passion is easy, especially when we worry less about fitting in.

But if pursuing a passion is so simple, then why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, simplicity is hard. The days of simply following the rules, pursuing good grades, and being rewarded for being mediocre are long gone.

If we have such high expectations for others, why can’t we hold ourselves to a higher level of excellence within our daily lives?

When it comes to building a strong personal brand, we shouldn’t skimp on investing in the relationships around them. We get back whatever we put in. If we put in the least, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we get very little back.

We must also realize that not everyone around us has our best interests at heart, and not even family can be considered safe.

In order to accomplish great and amazing things, the people around you will either bring support or destruction. Invest in the wrong relationships and it can be an even longer journey through life.

[Tweet “When we dare to dream big, we let go of the things that do nothing but waste time.”] We embrace who we are and stop trying to be someone we aren’t. It unlocks our ability to be amazing.

As we look beyond selfishness and greed, we find that there is much more to life than simply working to acquire things.

Whenever we dare to be amazing we also begin to realize the importance of our interpersonal relationships and that nothing should be taken for granted.

So today I ask, what kind of person do you want to be?

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